31 August, 2011

It's been some time since we came back. People keep asking if it was better than the trip to India... I guess they are not easy to compare. This one was (contrary to my expectations) more civilised - less visible poverty, higher (compared to Indian) prices and quite a lot of tourists. Nevertheless there were some unexpected and thrilling events. ;)
Definitely we were all very satisfied, despite overstepping our butgets :) I personally would very much like to come back there, especially to Laos and see some more rural landscapes.
We had a really great time in Asia, seeing things that we'd only dreamt of. Plus the 'crew' was far more than perfect and after spending 5weeks together I miss them already!
I hope you had a nice time reading about our trip!
Till the next time! :)

15 August, 2011

Bangkok part II

As you already know we're in Bangkok now. Today we visited the floating market located about 100km away. The city itself is really nice but I guess we've had enough.
Our trip is coming to an end. Tomorrow late in the night we're leaving for Doha. We all agreed that we miss our bathtubs and freshly washed clothes :) Keep your fingers crossed for our journey home! ;)


Since Saturday we're in Bangkok again. But earlier we were in the capital of Laos - Vientiane. There's not much to say about the city. My impression was dull, grey, unmaintained and a bit boring, but we managed to go bowling. We had a great time :) Here are some photos ;) enjoy!

11 August, 2011

Vang Vieng

Hello there!
Yesterday we came to Vientiane but before that we spent a couple of days in VangVieng. I swear the time there runs much slower than anywhere else. Despite some rain we had a really great time enjoying ourselves and just relaxing. Tubing in the river and evenings with Beerlao and 'Friends' (they show episode by episode in almost every bar there) added up to an amazingly spent time.

Tomorrow we're going to Bangkok and hopefully we'll manage to post something more from there. Now some photos! ;)

07 August, 2011

Luang Prabang

As you all know since a couple of days we're in Laos. Here's the first set of pictures :)
Our first stop here is Luang Prabang. It's really nice to experience some peace and quiet after big Vietnamese cities. Tomorrow we're leaving for Vang Vieng.

Now some pictures :)